Vanessa Vega – A Hot Feet Escort (2021)

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Vanessa Vega
Genres: HD Video, All Sex
Video language: English

One evening I was heading to my new client all dressed up in my sexy little black dress with black stockings and paired with my seductive black high heels. His name was Jake and he was only 22 years old. It was a nice house and his parents were on vacation so he decided to have some fun while they’re away. He said he’d never done this before so he was quite nervous. After a pleasant conversation we headed up to the bedroom. And what came next was totally unexpected! Apparently he had a foot fetish because he gave me the best foot worship I ever had in my life. And it's a big deal given the nature of my profession (which means I have slept with a lot of guys. I mean a lot.) I don’t it only for the money though. I love to get fucked by random guys and I like being a little whore. But what Jake gave me that night was special. I came so many times I was so tired and felt so comfortable with him that, for the first time in my career, I slept in my client's bed! In the morning when I woke up he was already gone. I was a little bummed because I was so ready for another round. After I got ready in the bathroom, I walked down and headed to the front door when I noticed Jake sitting in the living room. He looked just as nervous as the first time I saw him. I walked up to him, sat down, and told him that I really enjoyed having sex with him last night especially since his foot worship techniques are amazing. He said he thought he wasn't good enough for such an experienced escort. He was so cute I immediately grabbed his face and started kissing him. He said he doesn't have anymore cash on him but I told him not to worry about it because it's on me. I really just craved that super hot foot play again. After he took off my black stockings, he licked and sucked my sexy tattooed feet and red pedicured toes. I couldn't wait to put his big hard cock down my throat and gag on it. After a messy blowjob, I made his cock super juicy for a hot and slutty footjob. His dick was so hard, I couldn’t wait to sit on it and feel it deep inside my juicy slut pussy. He fucked me in my favorite missionary position while sucking on my feet and toes. I came so hard I was shaking. After making me cum many more times like a little slut, he came all over my sexy tattooed feet. Cum on feet is so hot. I think I'll ask for his number...I’d totally see him again free of charge.

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Duration: 43:24
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